Wednesday, 27 June 2007


Welcome to the grande unveiling of our new blog dedicated to the development of our brand new XNA game (tentatively titled "Smash Crew"). The game will primarily be a top down squad-based shooter with some tactical elements and strong a focus on fast and fun, addictive gameplay, high replayability and a strong sense of style.
To provide some background on the title, the original concept began life as the brainchild of rooster and has evolved through refinement into the title in development today (although the vast majority of rooster's original concept has remained intact). The game is in development for PC and Xbox360 using XNA as the platform of choice. Lastly the current list of development staff to date is as follows:-

rooster - artistic & creative lead
archangelmorph - programming lead & "ideas" guy

Stay tuned for game updates in the form of concepts, screens and videos as well as some interesting and insightful posts detailing the thrills and spills of developing such a hugely ambitious but rewarding title..!

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