Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Quick Update!

Just a quick update!

Things are moving along quite well at the moment. I've been spending as much time as I can in between moving house, city & jobs to try and get the next incremental prototype done. At this stage i've been sorting out the rendering engine, collision systems and squad mechanics which hopefully should put us in a good position to start seeing the seeds of gameplay bear fruit..

Other than that I've been doing some thinking about the Xbox360 version of the game & regarding some additions and alterations i'd like to make. Predominantly regarding the prospects of multiplayer since I feel the structure of the game would really be suited to supporting simultaneous 4 player action. However this would consequently provoke further design changes which could be made in accordance (to balance out the restriction of locking a single player to a single merc by adding another layer to the squad system which enhances the experience in another way...) This is all speculative however and may or maynot happen depending on what's resolved once I discuss it with rooster properly, but I do think it could be really cool to play coop (and maybe add online coop support depending on whether MS get their act together and add network support to GSE.. /pipedream..)

Anyways I'll be pushing hard on development in the next few months so hopefully we'll have some new media to showcase soon..

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