Friday, 13 July 2007

SmashCrew - What's It All About?

The best way to describe SMC would be a cross between "the chaos engine", "syndicate wars" & "cannon fodder"..

You take control of the smash crew; an elite mercenary group tasked with exploring abandoned space stations/ships, battling hostile inhabitants and ultimately scavenging resources to be used as a source of currency (can be used to purcahse weapons, upgrades and equipment). We have a pretty neat story which ties into the game too but this will be revealed in detail at a later date..

Some of the game features are as follows:-

[ Game ]
  • Control a squad of elite mercenaries and wield some of the most sohpisticated weapons in the galaxy
  • Use squad based tactics to separate your unit into upto 3 mini-squads, leveraging a strategic advantage to take down the meanest foes
  • Incorperates a recruit system allowing lost men in the field to be replaced back at the base with new units
  • Customise each recruit, giving each a unique dogtag (alias), equipment and weaponary
  • Character development system allows your mercs to advance in rank as they progress through more and more battles (improving their stats such as accuracy, health etc)
  • Recover salvage from expeditions to be used to purchase equipment, weapons and upgrades for your team
  • Explore a wide range of locations such as military, scientific and civilian spacestations/ships which play host to a wide variety of enemies (from space mutants, to robotic sentinels and even other mercs)
  • Randomisation system to allow levels to be generated so that no two levels will ever be the same (Provides High Level Replayability)
  • Document system tells the story through documents and notes recovered throughout the levels (replaying the game will reveal more and more of the plot)

[ Tech]

  • Supports both K/B & Mouse and Xbox360 GamePad in ether Windows or Xbox360 (No m/b + mouse) mode
  • Non-realistic, stylised rendering with post-processing
  • Supports rigid body dynamics on selective objects
  • Procedural level generation framework incorperating support for xml based heuristic definitions

That's all the information we're revealing for now. Stay tuned for more details in the near future!

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